Android security:

Android security:

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How to secure, protect, and completely lock down your Android phone

Put your phone to work for you

Android phones might get a bad rap, but they’re actually quite secure. Or at least they can be.

With a little work, your Galaxy, Pixel, or OnePlus phone can be a veritable fortress, virtually impenetrable to hacks, attacks, and bad apps. So whether you’re looking for a little extra security or a complete lockdown of your phone, here’s everything you need to keep your data from falling into the wrong hands.

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Using #Googlemaps at its fullest :)

Using #Googlemaps at its fullest 🙂


Originally shared by Martin Holmes

9 handy hidden features for Google Maps on Android

Take advantage of all Maps has to offer by tapping into these easily overlooked features and options

Who doesn’t love Google Maps? The native Android app helps those of us with oatmeal for brains find our way anywhere, without having to fire any neurons or exercise any synapses. It even helps us find places to pick up tasty cuisine — like, uh, oatmeal (yum!).

But there’s much more to Google Maps than meets the eye — and odds are, you aren’t taking advantage of at least a few handy hidden features lurking in the Android app. With word that Google is now apparently testing Waze-like crash and speed test reporting within Maps, I thought it’d be a fine time to think through some of the app’s existing advanced options.

Take a few minutes to explore these out-of-the-way possibilities the next time you’re using Maps to explore the world.

By JR Raphael

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