How to set up your business as a „Service Area“

How to set up your business as a „Service Area“

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Service Area with Google My Business

Starting from scratch my own company profile.

Did I speak on the launch of Google My Business product at SEO 2015 in Sofia? I’ll have to find those archives and quote myself 😉

Service Area



Family – Veteran – Women

Family – Veteran – Women

Now you can choose an attribute for your business listings.

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Google has added a new attribute named “family led” to Google My Business local listings

#GMB #bestpractice :)

#GMB #bestpractice 🙂

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Google My Business Thousand: Use Case About Starting With A Verified Listing

Here are a few examples of metrics to illustrate how Google My Business serves users online experience. Operating through Google My Business simultaneously supports businesses with metrics they may analyze to improve and innovate their services.

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„Services“ für #GoogleMyBusiness sind nun in allen Ländern verfügbar :)

„Services“ für #GoogleMyBusiness sind nun in allen Ländern verfügbar 🙂

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RT @GoogleMyBiz: The Menu and Services editing feature is now available in all countries and languages. Businesses like restaurants or hair salons can list menu items or services in their Google My Business listing. Learn more in our community post:

Fragen beantworten auf #Googlemaps für #GoogleMyBusiness , so geht’s:

Fragen beantworten auf #Googlemaps für #GoogleMyBusiness , so geht’s:

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Did you know you can add a custom FAQ to your GMB listing? Contributor Sherry Bonelli explains how to use the often-overlooked Q&A feature to promote your business and stay ahead of the competition: Google My Business Q&A: What you may be missing – Search…

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