It’s all about #TRUST 🌞💙

It’s all about #TRUST 🌞💙

Originally shared by John Nemo

I did something I’ve never done before because of what Nick Usborne told me on this episode of the Nemo Radio Podcast. This is a MUST LISTEN if you operate in any type of „high trust“ space like Business Coaching, Consulting, etc. Make sure you listen and apply to what Nick shares here ASAP. As someone who has written copy for clients like Apple, Disney, Chrysler, The U.S. Navy and countless others, Nick knows what he’s talking about! 🤣


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Give them value!

Originally shared by Omi Sido

Give them value!

Do we have to optimise for RankBrain? 🤔😀

No, just give them value. ⠀

Step 1: Understand what drives value for your customers

Talk to them, survey them, and watch their actions and reactions. In short, capture data to understand what is important to your customers and what opportunities you have to help them.

Step 2: Understand your value proposition

The value customers receive is equal to the benefits of a product or service minus its costs. What value does your product or service create for them? What does it cost them–in terms of price plus any ancillary costs of ownership or usage (e.g., how much of their time do they have to devote to buying or using your product or service?)

Step 3: Identify the customers and segments where are you can create more value relative to competitors

Different customers will have varying perceptions of your value relative to your competitors, based on geographic proximity, for example, or a product attribute that one segment may find particularly attractive.

Step 4: Create a win-win price

Set a price that makes it clear that customers are receiving value but also maximizes your “take.” Satisfied customers that perceive a lot of value in your offering are usually willing to pay more, while unsatisfied customers will leave, even at a low price. Using “cost-plus” pricing (i.e., pricing at some fixed multiple of product costs) often results in giving away margin unnecessarily to some customers while losing incremental profits from others.

Step 5: Focus investments on your most valuable customers

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. They are the source of current profits and the foundation of future growth. These steps will help you find more ways to grow your business by better serving your best customers.

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A New View on Marketing

A New View on Marketing

H/t Mike Allton 🙂

Originally shared by Mike Allton

😮 Are you struggling to keep up with all the changes to social media lately?

🤔 Does it seem like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done?

Today I want to share with you a new option, a different view, of marketing, that I think will help you tremendously. 🌞


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Behavioral Marketing

Behavioral Marketing

Looking forward to understand then.

Originally shared by Anton Shulke

David Amerland : If you cannot understand how something really works you can never hope to control it. This is an advanced FREE #marketing #webinar but really it will benefit all levels even if you take a few points away from it. Plus it will change your

Hosted by Craig Campbell

This is David’s fan club! Zara Altair Gina Fiedel Teodora Petkova Omi Sido

Nina Trankova

Getting connected and found on LinkedIn :)

Getting connected and found on LinkedIn 🙂

Originally shared by John Nemo

If you want to get „found“ on LinkedIn, it’s all about being clear, concise and having the right keywords to ensure potential employers, business partners and prospective customers can “find” you on the site. Here’s how it works.

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