Manchmal sind die Winkel einer Stadt geheimnisvoll vernebelt 😉

#LoveLocal #Ilzstadt #Passau

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  1. Monika Schmidt

    WOW … That’s The „View“ I Love !!!


    By and by : What’s Your Thoughts on Mercedes-Benz Recent roll out of a Voice Assistant in a New Class of Small Automobile’s …

    My Google Assistant is Great … Amazon’s is Not as Good … Nor Apple’s …

    Mercedes Should not

    Re-Create The Wheel …

    Just Hire Our Machine Learning #AI


  2. Hi !!! It appears by an Article Today … A Special Class Model is coming

    with Mercedes on Assistant … But I couldn’t verify Source of Article …

    I use 2 Smartphones in my New Toyota Prius … One for Google Maps

    Navigate … One for Google Photos Videos … Neat when Video hears my

    Google Assistant in Navigate … I can post 30 second snippets on Google

    Maps Local … Folks Love it !!!


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