…..loooooong ago!

…..loooooong ago!

Originally shared by Alex Garcia

What it could have been

Streamed live on Jun 13, 2013

Mike Elgan Yifat Cohen early users.

When we all thought G+ was the next thing.



16 Kommentare zu „…..loooooong ago!

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  1. Monika Schmidt … Nina Trankova came up with a post about „birth-death-rebirth-redeath and so on.“ of G+ would you like to join to !my „jamboard“ … don’t worry it is a blank paper … no need to check patents sector yet 😉

    Gefällt mir

  2. Nina Trankova thanks for your LOL, now serious on me. I have to move my body physically to talk about US patent of Nov.13, 2018 10.127.076 please say (+)Yes or (-no) because it going to have unpredictable consequences

    Gefällt mir

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