Jeffrey Davis

Jeffrey Davis

Originally shared by Jeffrey J Davis

My Forwarding Address

My dear G+ Peeps. I’m pretty committed to staying here until they turn out the lights, but it’s becoming less and less clear when that’s gonna be. I’ve always been pretty active on all of the SM platforms, although G+ was by far my preferred stomping ground. I’m not sure what, if anything, will „take the place“ of G+, but in case we are not connected on other platforms and you would like to stay connected , feel free to hit me up at the following coordinates (In general, my handle is JeffreyJDavis on most platforms if you just want to search for me.)



General Discussion:


skype: jeffreyjamesdavis


email: jeff at jeffreyjdavis dot com

phone 218.83DAVIS

I will probably repost this periodically until the final eviction.

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