Agreed 100%

Agreed 100%

…or 1000%…

Holy crap, farewell G+!

Originally shared by Nina Trankovа

A Google Plus Creature

Google Plus shutting down in April 2019

I’ve been wondering how to recap my seven years on Google plus, so here I am:

No recap

No regrets

No mentions

My short story.

In 1990 I was standing in a long queue holding a coupon to be able to get milk for my one-year-old daughter. The shop was completely empty and dark as 100% of the shops at that time in my country. 100 people were waiting together with me at 4 am in the morning. Beside me on the same queue was the father of another one-year-old.

In 2018 I crossed the ocean and was a guest in the US house of this family, I once got to know on the queue at 4 am in the morning. The one-year-old is teaching medieval history in the University now. Her soul mate ( my daughter) is finishing her masters in University.

What’s this story has to do with Google Plus?

Nothing. It’s like the life-affirming stories of many other awesome people who made the Global Google Plus Community and became part of a mind-transforming online culture.

Everything. It can’t become a shared experience any longer by anybody else never ever, at least not in the Google Plus way we know.

Google Plus was not measured by books written, exhibitions and events organized not even by the number of followers ( even some of us were deluded how those mattered).

Google Plus is the live experience online, the unique web navigation mastery of discovery and reinventing what we care about and ourselves in the first place.

„And life still goes on!“

Find me across networks by the same name. It’s who I am continuing to be – a Google Plus Creature. I’m GSuite Nina Trankova


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