I just signed up at Lifecloud and figure out how to run there.

I just signed up at Lifecloud and figure out how to run there.

Anybody interested in joining?

h/t Todd Hawk 🙂


Originally shared by Todd Hawk

Hello Owners and Moderators.

With G+ closing it’s doors soon, and as the owners and moderators of communities, you may be interested in the fact that LifeCloud (I work there) has recently built and rolled out a Google+ Data Importer which allows for entire G+ communities to be easily recreated on our platform. You can get to that here:


And here is an example of a community that was transferred just yesterday: It took the owner of that community about 15 minutes to complete the transfer.


We have also created a community on LifeCloud specifically for Google + Migrants to interact with us and each other. You can get to that here:


Our main landing page is https://www.lifecloud.site

We will work with each of you personally to ensure a successful transfer of your communities.

Thanks and I hope this helps!


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