Dealing with bad reviews?

Dealing with bad reviews?

Here is how to get the best out of it.

H/t Mark Timberlake 🙂

Originally shared by Mark Timberlake

How To Deal With Negative Reviews On Udemy

The issue with reviews are that they are very emotional to deal with as we can often take them as personal criticism (which indeed they often are).

So to overcome this we have to just treat it as a task like taking the trash out each day when the reviews are just somebody having a bad life.

Or we use them to improve our courses if they are constructive and logical in their criticism.

Some Tips On Dealing With Reviews Daily:

1. Set aside a portion of the day to go through and check you reviews (you don’t want to be dwelling on them).

2. Reply to all the reviews left in a professional manner so other potential students can see you are respectful.

3. Contact those that have left low ratings with no explanation and ask them for more information on how you can improve the course (be prepared for no answers).

4. Look for common comments and threads of criticism and act upon them if they are negative.

5. It is okay to challenge a review in the reply but always argue the point and not the person.

6. Remember that the rating system is flawed and that people are subjective and go back to working on building your business once you have checked them and dealt with them, these things even out over time and you have to look at your business in terms of years and not day by day.

Golden Rule: Never respond to a review when you are feeling highly emotionally charged about that review.

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