My #QuoteOfTheDay :

My #QuoteOfTheDay :

„To The Man With A Hammer,

Every Problem Is A Nail.

As you may experience in your life, this attempt applies to any other subject.

So, let me give a hint to the link for „How to curate a subject“ you might find quite useful to any other topic:

Though, it keeps me busy to thinking of „What kind of „Nail“ did Google urge to use this incredible „Let’s Sunsetting Google+“ – „Hammer“?

Originally shared by Todd Lohenry

Why a collection about Making a Murderer, the Netflix series that has gripped the world? It’s not because I believe Steven Avery is innocent — in fact I don’t have an opinion on that topic. I don’t think the prosecution proved their case beyond a reasonable doubt…

The documentary is intensely personal for me in ways that even I don’t understand. This murder occurred less than 45 minutes from my home after we had just moved to the area. People in my town knew Teresa Halbach. Every day in the news there were new details. I know people who appear in the documentary. I’ve worked with folks in Manitowoc County government.

For my own benefit, I created a folder in Inoreader that tracks everything that’s being said about the documentary on the internet, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter and I am curating the best of what I find here. Why? Because that’s what I do. I could just save the content in Evernote for myself but I’m sharing it in this collection for others who might find a curated collection interesting. If you don’t want to hear about the documentary or the case, please turn the collection notification off…

Here’s a short screencast on how I curate content for this collection:

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