#FunkyFriday in grape colour 🍇

#FunkyFriday in grape colour 🍇

Enjoy your weekend #googleverse 🌞💜

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  1. Monika Schmidt all your Collections can potentially move to Next Collections as Peter Quinton generously shared in the previous post On e Board, printed and/or e-photo Album for business presentations, downloadable prints on your site etc. That’s the „‚grape/ harvest“ point I’m going to work on in March #abundance


  2. Nina Trankova (and any in this Community) – if you direct me to one or two of your posts containing original material – i would be happy to reprocess them as a (i need to find a better name for this 🙂 ) e-Card and post the link here. (I love the allusion to harvesting… this is what i am doing…)

    I could use the process of ‚harvesting‘ your posts to illustrate a short tutorial on the process.


  3. Peter Quinton here’s a challenging conversation for you: a million years harvest:). It’s on the topic, just the blue is so dark…..to match your publishing label.

    It is from my featured Collection Mountain Dream vacation and even without the plus, I’m sure the criteria G+ team applied to feature Creator works has a lot in common with Next Collections. Thank you for your kind suggestion to deliver a tutorial. I shall include it in my article ( in the make) Part Two: Completing Takeout Google Plus on my site.

    plus.google.com – Eternal Thorn Blackberries have been around for million years.https://en.m.wi


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