…is the word following me all day. It absolutely makes a difference throughout my life since I set the declaration and followed our community in here 🙂

It’s that time in January when I’m crawling through my drawers in my office and sorting out: stuffe to get rid of and things to keep and join me further on in 2019 and the future. Thus I’m practicing my „decision“ muscle to decide very fast ‚this or that‘.

The picture here is one of the last with my beloved Mom. I post it here both as my heritage and my challange: she was totally unable to make a decision and getting rid of old stuff. Now I’m crawling through her house and getting it clear. Of course I kind of inherited those genes, now seeing it clearer and being able to enter the path of transition: building something new.

Love you Mom and miss you 🙂


Transition in 2019

Transition in 2019

Yes, I’ve come that way shortly before g+ was announced to sundown next year. Now, it’s a #transition in several aspects of my journey.

I’m so happy to go in company with you and find support and inspiration in our group (edit: …and, more important, give and provide support and inspiration 🙂 ).

The transition takes part with Pinterest now, thanks for the invite Nina Trankova . And we’ll have to find a new homebase. There are lots of people testing and trying to check out the benefits of networks. We’ll take our time and experience to find a decision. No need to hurry yet.

Every day is a transition into tomorrow – let’s face the race 🙂

followers #transition 🌻

followers #transition 🌻

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Join me Sunday, October 21 for the premiere of my latest tutorial: How to turn Google+ Followers into YouTube subscribers

The video premiere is at 10AM Pacific Date Time, 6PM London Time, 4AM Sydney time (sorry). The video is short, but I’ll be there before and after to chat about Google+ and YouTube live. Join me!

Click the bell to set a reminder: https://youtu.be/MnfUdR8JDTc


I’ve chosen #transition as my word for 2019.

I’ve chosen #transition as my word for 2019.

Let’s see where the journey leads.

See you on the other channels #googleverse let’s stay connected 🙂

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No Time for Tears

I am really sad as this space is winding down and I want to be angry. Yet this is the reality: it’s a journey. It transformed us (me at least). I am glad I was here (still am). What happens next will be better because of all this.

I value you all, more than I can say.


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