…is the word following me all day. It absolutely makes a difference throughout my life since I set the declaration and followed our community in here 🙂

It’s that time in January when I’m crawling through my drawers in my office and sorting out: stuffe to get rid of and things to keep and join me further on in 2019 and the future. Thus I’m practicing my „decision“ muscle to decide very fast ‚this or that‘.

The picture here is one of the last with my beloved Mom. I post it here both as my heritage and my challange: she was totally unable to make a decision and getting rid of old stuff. Now I’m crawling through her house and getting it clear. Of course I kind of inherited those genes, now seeing it clearer and being able to enter the path of transition: building something new.

Love you Mom and miss you 🙂


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  1. What a string awareness Monika Schmidt!

    Since is Wikipedia day, I went to check the etymology of the word. It comes from Latin and means „transit“, go across. I find the other descriptions very interesting as well, such as transitioning from attack to defense in sports. It reminds me of the natural process of going through change, regardless we don’t feel it that natural.

    en.wiktionary.org – transition – Wiktionary

    I’m glad I waved hi to your mon while we were on hangouts once! She was a happy and smiley person, that’s what I saw. Light in her memory!

    I’m thankful for your sharing, Monika! This time of the year is for a new beginning for most of us as well! Thank you!

    Gefällt mir

  2. I have been looking for the first flowers during my Sunday walk close to the forest but I didn’t notice any. Just the grass is getting green. Are there any flowers in your mountains Bob Danley I also noticed a few insects already moving around here.

    Gefällt mir

  3. Bob Danley very quiet landscape, Bob! It’s nice time to stay warm with a book in hand:)

    The bird can’t be nice if it comes from Russia ( just kidding because of the political scandals recently).

    Here birds songs are increasing, but it will be minus 9 C this weekend and snowing, so not yest close to spring.

    Thank you for your comments! FY I’ll be tagging you on Twitter like everyone else, this Sunday. Look for #Commitment2019 #onEboard

    Gefällt mir

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