St. Gallen in virtual reality

St. Gallen in virtual reality

How it worked and what it took to make it.

Great job Miguel Rodriguez @ WEAVR 🙂

#LoveLocal #Love360

Originally shared by Martin Holmes

Top 5 things we learned while creating a Virtual Reality experience for the city of St.Gallen

Last year an interesting project came knocking on our doors. Through a series of encounters we started working on a Virtual Reality experience for the city of St. Gallen in Switzerland

By Miguel Rodriguez WEAVR

St. Gallen is the regional center of northeast Switzerland. It has a beautiful downtown declared world heritage site by the UNESCO. And it is an economic powerhouse with a renowned university and a vibrant cultural scene with many museums.

Take a look …..

The Abbey Library of St. Gallen is one of the jewels of the city


We created maps for areas of the city like the Roterplatz


Like the views from the top of the city hall overlooking the city.


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