MANRS Network Operators

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MANRS Network Operators

Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing security

Network operators interested in joining the MANRS initiative can sign up online, at no cost.

Internet Exchange Providers interested in the IXP Programme are encouraged to visit to learn more and join.

The MANRS initiative expects participating operators to complete the first three of the following actions, with the fourth considered an extension of the minimum package:

Prevent the propagation of incorrect routing information. Operators can ensure the correctness of their own announcements and those from their customers to adjacent networks through various network routing prefix filtering techniques.

Prevent traffic with spoofed source IP addresses. Operators can implement a system enabling source address validation, such as unicast reverse path forwarding (uRPF) and anti-spoofing filtering, to prevent packets with incorrect source IP addresses from entering and leaving the network.

Facilitate global operational communication and coordination between network operators. This common but effective way of addressing problems in Internet routing simply entails an operator noticing an issue and then calling someone who is able to fix it.

Facilitate validation of routing information on a global scale. This advanced action requires operators to have publicly documented routing policy, ASNs and prefixes intended to be advertised to external parties. Global validation tools could include Internet Routing Registries (IRRs) and Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI). end of quote

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  1. Nina Trankova Always a pleasure 🙂

    It’s that thing with #entity : profile or page? What’s the differences? Do we need to know? Couldn’t we just sum it up all as an „entity“?

    It’s one point of #transition to get it clearer.

    Have a wonderful Thursday, Nina, not throwing back but looking forward on and beyond 🙂


  2. Monika Schmidt it’s related to how IT infrastructure evolves in Google Cloud and Enterprise, i.e starts with the technical basis hardware and software, data engineering solutions, regulations, opportunities for developer’s apps and management tools and organisation apps to handle entities online. I see it as the entity management. That list is far from exhausted. Exploring!


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