Questions – questions – questions…..

Questions – questions – questions…..

Let’s find the answers!

Originally shared by Susan Finch

Here are the questions for Google as they silence G+:

1. How will this affect our personal YT channels?

2. How will this affect business accounts where our PERSONAL G+ accounts are MANAGERS of those business accounts?

3. How will this affect access on Drive?

4. Will we be able to import into our business G+ profiles? What about those contacts?

5. Are our personal google account contacts in Gmail affected by this change?

6. What about all the logins on sites that ask for Google login and we use our personal login. Will they still work or will all those sites offering that login option need to change?

Reminder lesson: When you rely on FB, G+, LI and the rest for your business identity you are beholden to the whims and bad actors. You need to build your own site, something you can control and back up and access.

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