2019 is around the corner!

2019 is around the corner!

You find our commitments in the album attached


and enjoy the little film 🙂


Guess who is who?

Happy New Year to you and your families – let’s enjoy the ride 🙂

#oneboard #commitment #2019


3 Kommentare zu „2019 is around the corner!

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  1. Congratulations for the fancy video overview Monika Schmidt ! Well done!

    I think it’s an ideal timing and I hope members will take the chance to share it.

    Guessing is fun! My daughter hit with the second try 😀

    Did you ask your family to play the guess game? I’ll be glad to learn if you spend fun time with this guessing!

    +Gina Fiedel +Bob Danley +Zoltan Buzady Stan Bush +David Amerland +svetlana stavreva Anna Grozdanova +Pam WhimsicalVintage +Margaret Siemers

    I most like Abundance as part of the patchwork. The visuals are similar for this:

    – four are water relatated

    – four are mountain/road related

    – four transmit the message of home in focus

    What else do you discover?

    Happy Holidays everyone!

    Thank you once more for creating the movie for the Community, Monika!


  2. I have finally edited our event and uploaded the video. I was excited about doing the editing and listening again to all of our valuable thoughts and online experiences. It’s unlisted and you can find it here. youtube.com – Commitment 2019

    I aimed at 30sec for the presentation of each of us. For this reason, cool moments had to be left behind. Please, let me know if I need to add something specifically important I might have missed!

    Your feedback would be appreciated!

    As soon as receive your comments, I’ll change the video to „Public“. Our broadcast is already turned to private and you should have access. If you are experiencing any access issues, email me, please.


    This isn’t the final edit but just a public version of our event. In order to schedule the watch party, I still need to play with the video and cut it down to 5 min (3 min).

    Shall I add effects? What do you think, how should a short entertaining version look like. Or is it S.T.A.N (necessary)? Some members are more experienced videographers, so your advice would be welcome!

    Anna Grozdanova Alex Simidchiev Bob Danley Monika Schmidt Stan Bush


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