…via John Skeats :)

…via John Skeats 🙂

Originally shared by Peggy K

2018 Year in Review: Creator Updates in the Googleverse from Google+, YouTube, Blogger, AdSense, Photos and more

There were many changes in 2018, some good, some bad, some happy, some sad. Here are my top Creator updates:

* Consumer Google+will shut down in April 2019

* YouTube has new tougher eligibility requirements for the YouTube Partner Program

* YouTube introduces easy webcam live streaming

* YouTube rolls out new features to increase engagement: Premieres, Community Tab, Stories

* Blogger undergoes Spring Cleaning, retiring some old features, and adding a few new tools

* AdSense introduces „Auto Ads“, which let you place a single code snippet on your site, and AdSense automatically inserts ads in your site’s layout.

* The EU’s GDPR went into effect in May. Both Blogger and AdSense provide tools to help your site comply with the new data privacy regulations.

* The last bits of Picasa Web Albums are just about gone

* Google Photos introduces 10 new movie themes

Get all the details, and an overview of all the 2018 updates:



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