Happy Valentine’s Day to my #Googleverse 💕

Happy Valentine’s Day to my #Googleverse 💕

Originally shared by Riz Khan

ALL ABOUT VALENTINE’S DAY                                                          Saint Valentine  worked as a doctor. and served as a priest in Rome.

. Valentine became famous for marrying couples who were in love but couldn’t get legally married in Rome during the reign of Emperor Claudius II, who outlawed weddings. So the Emperor sent Valentine to jail.But he couldn’t stop him to spread messages of Love. Valentine befriended his jailer .who became so impressed that he asked Valentine to teach his blind daughter Julia. As Valentine refused the Emperor to leave his faith in  Love. He ordered to stone and beat Valentine before beheading him on 14 th February, 270 .After his death Valentine became very  famous and was regarded as Saint .people still celebrate his services to Love.

— Unknown 

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