Google+ pages created with Google my business:

Google+ pages created with Google my business:

Where to go? What to do?

found via Георги Георгиев 🙂

Originally shared by Peggy K

Google My Business deleting dormant Google+ Pages

If you have a Google+ Page that was created along with a local business listing that you haven’t actually used in a while, you may have received a message from Google My Business notifying you that it will be removed in 30 days if you don’t use it.

You have two options:

* Use the Google+ Page by posting or commenting.

* Download the Local Page’s content and let it be deleted

Note that if you have a YouTube channel linked to the same Google My Business listing and Google+ Page, it’s probably a good idea to keep the Google+ Page active. It’s not clear what would happen to a YouTube channel if the Local Page is deleted.

This appears to only affect „Local“ Google+ Pages created through Google My Business, not „Brand“ Pages created by Google+ or YouTube.

See Mike Blumenthal ’s post for details.

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