The Internet Society Intercommunity Forum

Originally shared by Nina Trankova

The Internet Society Intercommunity Forum

4th December 2018

I’ve participated in the Intercommunity event today. Andrew Sullivan, CEO of The Internet Society and the Board members held a Q&A session with the participants, representing Chapters from around the Globe.

Here are the highlights:

Action Plan 2019

Andrew Sullivan addressed the split nature of the Internet right now. Trust, security and collaboration are work in progress in one part of the online space, evidencing the multistakeholder approach. Platforms are the other space where confusion and a real danger of breaking the internet exists.

Q&A Session

An excellent organisation, giving participants a voice to raise questions and give ideas by interacting directly in real time with board members.

Winner of Chapelton 2018 is Benin Chapter with lOT Low Hightech, Connected Objects

Internet for Everyone

Frederick Donck, ISOC Director for Europe talked about the approach of The Internet Society towards manufacturers, policy makers and users.

Twitter feed #ICOMM2018

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